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Message started by lovefitwomen on Nov 23rd, 2016 at 4:48am

Title: True story: How my ex learned I like female muscle
Post by lovefitwomen on Nov 23rd, 2016 at 4:48am
Like many people who love women with muscles, it was difficult for me to open up about my interest to the women who came into my life. I'm starting this thread so that people can share their stories (true stories only please) on how their wife or significant other found out about their interest and how it affected their relationship. I'll start by sharing some stories about my ex girlfriend.

My ex used to be a ballerina and was around 5 feet tall. When we met, I had no idea that she had muscles because she was very slim and had no arm definition when not flexing. She also did not workout. Nevertheless, I was attracted to her and started our courtship. One day, I noticed some bicep tone on her arms that were slightly bent as she was seated and reading something. When we became official, I gathered enough courage to ask her to flex for me since I felt comfortable with her. She was really confused so I explained how I was attracted to women with muscles and noticed some bicep tone in her arms. She hesitated but flexed for me anyway. She did not know how to flex to maximize her bicep size so I had to show her how to do it at first.

After learning how to flex properly, I was shocked to see well formed peaks! I told her that I loved her muscles. She probably thought I was weird but did not say anything. From time to time, I would ask her to flex until she became more comfortable with it.

We were physically separated for about a year as she had to work overseas. When she came back, she told me that she gained about 20 lbs. I noticed that her arms were bigger but still had no tone when not flexed. I teased her about getting fat. She replied, "you should see my muscles." When she flexed, I noticed that her biceps looked larger and had good definition. One day, she was wearing a black tank top when we went to a restaurant. She flexed her triceps as we passed a mirror. She saw me staring so she did a quick bicep flex for me too. It seems that she was starting to get comfortable with her muscles but did not want to show off in public since it was still considered taboo for women to have muscles where we lived. Her arms had a little layer of fat covering them but her muscles had good size and definition when flexed.

There was one time when we went out for dinner with her friends. Suddenly, one of her female friends mentioned an incident when they "caught" my ex flexing in front of a mirror. They started teasing her about it but said that she had impressive muscles for her size. I acted surprised and cool about it because nobody else knew of my attraction for her muscles.

The relationship did not last but I still remember those moments. It gives me hope that although a woman may not appear ripped, she may still have impressive biceps hiding under a layer of fat. At first, she was uncomfortable about her muscles but eventually became more comfortable with showing them off for me (in private only).

Title: Re: True story: How my ex learned I like female muscle
Post by Peak_Freak on Dec 1st, 2016 at 11:50pm
...I open up immediately to a woman about my attraction for toned or buffed women. I honestly couldn't even get aroused by a flabby, non-muscled woman :( One of my girlfriends from the past asked me what I looked for in a woman and I just came out with it. I love muscular women,  especially women with nice arms. During one of my first phone calls with her, she told me that though her arms weren't buffed her calves were very hard and she got comments on them.

I went to her house that night, prepared to check out her calves. She was wearing sweat pants, so they weren't visible. She stood upon her toes and asked me to feel her calves. She was right, they were rock hard and as she went up and down on her toes, I could feel every inch of the diamond cuts in her muscular calves. I was in heaven. She was enjoying the attention her calves got from me but I soon got another unexpected surprise. When I took hold of her arms, around the forearm area as I got up from the ground, I was stunned at how hard her forearms were. I immediately said whoa, you do have buffed arms, just not in your bicep area. Her job required some lifting and a lot of tearing and breaking down of cardboard, apparently enough to build up her forearms to the point of absolutely zero fat and rockhard muscle throughout her forearms. Her grip was amazing!!!!

I'm an arms guy, so her calves would have to wait :P As we dated and she could see just how much her muscles turned me on, she did everything she could to try and drive me crazy. I bought her some heavy duty grippers and she could easily close the 100s in either hand. I wanted the pump though, so she'd take the 50s and start squeezing them countless times, I'd take hold of her forearms as she squeezed and could feel her muscular forearms getting pumped and hard. It was amazing how pumped up and hard they got, like they were about to explode. Soon I was about to explode and she knew it.

That was my foreplay with her. She loved it, loved how easily she could turn me inside out. Her forearms went to another level with all the work with the grippers. Muscular, very sinewy and her grip was becoming ridiculous, something she enjoyed showing off to my male friends!

I think if a woman feels attractive to her man, it doesn't matter if he likes breasts, legs, butts or muscles...as long as he makes her feel sexy and attractive!

Title: Re: True story: How my ex learned I like female muscle
Post by lterp on Dec 13th, 2016 at 11:19pm
Growing up in the 80's, I definitely hid my attraction to female muscle. I went to college in the early 90's, and even back then most girls didn't work out, or if they did, they were on the elliptical, never using weights. So I thought my love of girl muscles was super-weird. It felt even weirder when I was in a computer lab and stumbled upon the first Tina Lockwood site (I mainly remember the word "skull-crusher" being on the homepage) and getting immediately aroused. It turns out, I'm not into the giantesses, but it was such a shock to see that much muscle on a woman.

These days it comes up early in a relationship. My now-wife knew it was a thing for me, and she sees going to her powerlifting gym as beneficial for both of us, so it's great.

Anyway, here's a story of the first girl who knew.

I started dating Cara my Senior year of college. She was the first woman I slept with more than twice. She didn't work out at all, but she had a horse and had ridden all her life. She had spectacularly strong thighs, and didn't question it when I asked her to squeeze me. Great forearms, too. She had a TMJ issue, so she had to have her jaw broken and wired shut for 6 weeks, and dropped from 130 lbs to 105 pounds (at 5'3"), but when she started gaining weight again, it was less fat and more muscle, because it was summer so she was riding again.

We went to the same city for grad school, and to make some money, she took a job as a camp counselor in Pennsylvania, teaching horseback riding. When it arrived, it turned out they hadn't built any of the rings, so the first few weeks, she and one other girl built it themselves: pouring concrete, carrying logs, etc. On the phone, she made reference to "getting toned", and I teased her that she was probably stronger than me.

I came to the camp to visit one weekend and goaded her into an armwrestle and I couldn't budge her arm even an inch. She wore me down and beat me. We armwrestled 5 or more times that day, but the result never changed, and every time I would get visibly turned on. I hadn't seen her in 2 months at that point, so that helped, but we had a ton of sex.

The next day, I commented that my arm was sore - and it really was! - and I asked if hers was, too. "From what?" she said, and I jumped her bones again.

This was before cell-phones, so in a letter she wrote: "I wonder why you like it so much when I'm stronger than you? Maybe when we move in together, we could go to the gym, get all sweaty and come home and see what happens!"

Again - she never worked out at a gym, but that first year of grad school she went with her friend Melissa, who reported that Cara did the leg-press with the whole stack, WITH Melissa sitting on top of the rack, and barely broke a sweat.

Anyway, Cara didn't stick with the gym with any discipline, but she was always a good armwrestler and liked to tease me for being so weak. It was a fun few years!

Title: Re: True story: How my ex learned I like female muscle
Post by lovefitwomen on Dec 14th, 2016 at 1:10pm
Great story lterp! Did Cara ever flex for you?

Title: Re: True story: How my ex learned I like female muscle
Post by Jon stunner on Jun 17th, 2017 at 4:08am
I was going to put this in the high school thread, but I'll just put it here:

   During my junior year I had girlfriend how was about 6 ft with dark brown hair.  She played softball and worked out quite a bit, but no one could tell unless she flexed.  She never did flex, unless she was messing with her hair.  We were together for most of our junior year, until we went to the mall one day.

  At the mall, we were just walking around, when I noticed a woman who was in very good shape.  I looked at her for a couple seconds before I looked away.  Then I saw my girl looking down at me with a confused look. She asked me why would I stare at a woman, who has bigger muscles than I have.  I really didn't know what to say.  After a minute of awkward silence, we sat down at the food court.  I told her I like muscular women, to which she went and flexed her bicep.  She went "What you really like this"?  I looked at her with my face all blushed, put my hand on her bicep, and I enjoyed it.  Her not so much, she thought I was a muscle crazy weirdo. She wanted no more part of me at all.  After we left the mall, she wouldn't even look at me.  I told her if you can't accept me loving female muscle, then there was no point in us being in a relationship.  We immediately broke up right there in the drive way to her house.

   I've never told any of my other girlfriends that I like muscular women, worrying about a similar outcome.

Title: Re: True story: How my ex learned I like female muscle
Post by marlonbrando on Jun 23rd, 2017 at 2:55am
100% true story...met a stunning brunnete online 5 foot 11 double ee natural breasts
fancied the pants off her..we met moved in together (she same to live down west)
sex was good, she wasnt always up for it, but she was soo damn gorgeous
toned long legs
no fat anywhere
i started to ask her to flex as she said how strong she was from lots of tennis and hocke, never did weights
so i tickled her one day and got the shock of my life, her arms were stronger than mine  :D mental shock
i knew her legs were 10 times stronger , she could walk all day
but her arms werent ripped just toned....i realised the power came from her shoulders, neck and forearms
she had a ferocious temper too so when she lost her rag she got stronger and scarier
total 24 hour a day boner, but sadly it didnt last , but my old boy is permanently erect at the thought of our amazing 6 months together

Title: Re: True story: How my ex learned I like female muscle
Post by jester105 on Sep 3rd, 2017 at 4:16am
Peak, got to follow up. You said your girlfriend loved to show off her grip strength to other guys. Gotta be a few good stories there, wanna share?

Title: Re: True story: How my ex learned I like female muscle
Post by Badusername2000 on Oct 31st, 2017 at 11:54pm
I met my current GF on a rip off tinder app and I just said in my bio that I liked buff girls, and she's already really strong. Now shes just trying to get stronger.

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