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Airport muscle sighting (Read 14 times)
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Airport muscle sighting
Jul 28th, 2016 at 7:34am
Returning home from a business trip yesterday, in the shuttle bus which takes you to the plane, I was treated to a nice muscle show by a cute young girl.

I would say she was 18-19, I first noticed her walking down as she has nice calves also. I must point out though she wasn't shredded, ripped or a fitness type girl, just a typical girl next door. She wasn't more than 5'6 at a guess.

Anyway the fun started when she grabbed the cord which hangs down from the rails, as soon as she grabbed it her arm popped up to an impressive size and I noticed instantly. She was holding  it in a  kind of swan shaped way so it wasn't a traditional flex.

Anyway, I watched for a while then she noticed I as looking, she looked at her arm a couple of times and made it flex to its extent a couple of times then looked back at me with a nonchalant look on her face. It was quite a long ride to the plane but over far too quickly for me. We exited bus together with her right next to me our arms rubbing with others, then she disappeared towards the rear of the plane and I never saw her again!

If I wasn't with a work colleague I may have spoken to her, but nevertheless it was a nice unexpected sighting.

Apologies if this seems hastily written and lacking in detail, as it was hastily written!

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Re: Airport muscle sighting
Reply #1 - Jul 28th, 2016 at 10:42am
Cute story.
Thanks for sharing.

I had a nice one tonight.
I did a group fitness class.
I was paired up with a hot chick and spotted her for chinups and inverted situps.
Also the instructor flexed her biceps to show the difference between doing palm forward and palm backward pullups.
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