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Please Share Your 1st Muscle Worship (Read 1328 times)
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Please Share Your 1st Muscle Worship
Jul 4th, 2017 at 12:36am
I've been enamored, turned on, left breathless by female muscle since I was about 7. That's nearly 60 years and I can still vividly recall the first time I touched a girls muscles. She got her muscles from her job, numerous heavy lifting duties with a phone company. Her arms, especially her forearms became very developed and her hands were incredibly strong. I used to love feeling all the sinews in her hands and along her muscular forearms. It felt like steel strands surging through her forearms when she worked them and got them pumped. That's what led to my first experience, during intimacy with a muscular woman. Thinking about her strong hands and her ridiculous grip, I feel fortunate that she seduced me instead of squeezing the life out of my rod Shocked Her doctor joked with us one time during a visit that he'd feel very sorry for any guy who tried to rape her. We both looked puzzled and he took hold of one of her arms and squeezed it. Would you want to make these arms mad, he laughed.

Just great memories, feeling how her muscles rippled under her soft skin, knowing how strong she was enhanced every experience. Ruined me forever when it comes to women and intimacy. It's hard to have good relationships when the number #1 factor is, she has to be muscularly developed. I lift and keep myself in top shape because it wouldn't seem fair to expect my women to be buffed and not set a reasonable example myself.
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