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Old Story from Mak's Story site (Read 1700 times)
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Old Story from Mak's Story site
Jul 28th, 2017 at 7:42pm
Hallo here is an old Story from Mak' s Story site. I have saved it for you to read:

Strong and 66 - Part 1
When I was a little boy, there was an older lady that lived next door to us and she was the sweetest lady I knew. I always liked going over to see her because she was always so nice to me and my brothers and she would always have candy or cookies for us and she would let us help her with the yard work. Sure, it was work, but she always had a way of making it seem like for. For example, she would have me and my brothers get on a branch she had just cut off of a tree and would pull us around the yard or would hoist us into the air so we could trim the tops of the really tall bushes that she couldn't reach.
It wasn't until I started getting older that I realized just how strong she was. This first became apparent to me one day when my father was trying to uproot the stump of a tree, which had recently been cut down. My dad was working on it using everything he could get his hands on for leverage… but the stump didn't budge an inch.
Miss Fran and I were watching from her porch and she turned to me and said, "Do you think I should go give your daddy a hand with that? It doesn't look like he is making any progress."
I answered her, "Well he's pretty strong, so if he can't do it, I don't think that you could Miss Fran."
She smiled at me and said, "I think that you have underestimated how strong I am my boy… let me show you, come with me."
We stepped outside and she called to my father and said, "Hey Allen, it looks like you need a hand with that, you want me to take care of it for you?"
My father laughed and said, "I think I'm going to have to hook a chain to my truck or something like that to be able to get this thing out of the ground. Do you have a chain I could borrow?"
She smiled at him and said, "You're not going to have to do that, just hand me that bar you're using and let me give it a try."
My dad laughed out loud and said, "There's no way you're going to be able to move this thing. I wasn't able to move it at all! If I couldn't move it, what makes you think that you can?"
She grabbed the bar from my father and said, "I'm a pretty strong woman… you remember I told you I grew up on a farm." She then slid the bar in a small gap beneath the stump and turned to my father and said, "Just stand back and watch."
My father said, "Go right ahead, it isn't going to move thou…" Just then, she started pushing down on the bar and we could hear the roots starting to break beneath the ground.
She worked the bar further under the stump and kept working on it… it was starting to come free from the ground!!! My father and I stood there watching in amazement as this older woman was muscling this seemingly immovable object from the ground… we were both speechless!
She shoved the bar all the way under the stump and changed her grip on the bar. She then started lifting the stump from the ground… roots were breaking like twigs as she powered it from the ground. With one final thrust, she lifted the bar over her head and the roots broke free from the ground. She dropped the bar to the ground and said to my father, "No problem at all. I told you that you didn't need to use a truck, just some farm-built muscles would do."
My father and I just stood there still amazed by what we just witnessed. My father spoke up and said, "My god Fran, I had no idea that you were so strong… how did you do that?"
She smiled and said, "Like I told you, I grew up on a farm so I worked hard my whole life. I've uprooted stumps twice this size before. I might be old, but I'm strong!" Just then to both of our surprise, she rolled up her sleeve and flexed her right bicep… and it was HUGE!!! "See"
I stood there silently totally amazed by the size of her muscle… it was about the shape and size of a grapefruit! It was at that very moment I realized that I was attracted to women with muscles because I felt something strange in my pants… something I had never felt before.
My father walked over to her and felt her muscle and said, "Holy shit Fran! This is the biggest muscle I've ever seen on a man or woman. How come I never noticed it before?"
She smiled and said, "Thanks Allen, not sure why you never noticed it before, I've always had it… this one too." She then raised her left arm and flexed it to make her look like a statue of muscle standing in front of my father. She might have been a little shorter than him, but with her muscles flexed, she look twice his size.
My father stood there with his hand on her huge bicep and said, "You're telling me that you got this just from working on a farm?"
She smiled and said, "Just??? Apparently you've never worked on a farm. You should have seen my mom's arms, she had muscles that were bigger than mine. When you wake up before dawn and work until after the sun is down 7 days a week, you get strong! All day long we were bailing hay, carrying heavy feed bags, pales of milk. I swear that some days I never picked up anything that weighed less than 50 pounds."
My father still had his hand on her bicep and said, "Well, if I ever need anything moved around here, I know who to ask from now on."
She smiled and winked at my father and said, "Anytime, just let me know. I've gotta keep myself strong afterall."
That night I couldn't sleep a wink. I was just thinking about Miss Fran's muscles and how big they were. I had never seen a woman with a muscle like that… then again, I had never seen a woman make a muscle before either.
The next day I went over to see her and for some reason I was really nervous about talking to her.
She invited me in and had candy and cookies just like always for me to enjoy. She watched me as I was staring at her arms the whole time and said, "You were as surprised as your father to see my muscles yesterday, weren't you?"
I nodded without saying a word as I continued eating the cookies she baked for me.
She said, "I hope that you don't hate me now that you know how strong I am. I know that it is not very womanly to be so strong."
I stopped eating the cookie and said, "No, I thought it was pretty cool actually. I never saw a woman with muscles before."
She smiled widely and said, "That's a relief, you're my favorite kid in the neighborhood and I really like having you come over. If you weren't so much younger than me, I'd call you my boyfriend." She then laughed freely.
I squirmed nervously at the thought of having a girlfriend since I was only 10 years old and I started to blush.
She smiled and said, "I'm sorry Mitch, I didn't mean to embarrass you. Do you want some milk with those cookies?"
I answered, "Yes, thank you Miss Fran."
She walked out of the room and returned with a tall glass of milk for me. Immediately, my attention was on her arm again and how it was bulging through her sleeve. She handed me the glass and said, "I noticed that you were looking at my arm again, do you want to see my muscle again?"
I took the glass of milk from her and drank it deeply, once I gulped down more than half the glass of milk I said, "Yes"
She rolled up her sleeve and made a muscle for me with a great, big smile on her face. She said, "I remember doing this for my late husband… he passed away before you were born. He really liked my muscles."
My eyes grew wide as I looked at her mountainous bicep, but I said nothing.
She sat down next to me while keeping her muscle flexed and said, "You can feel it if you want Mitch."
My hand was shaking as I reached for her arm. She gently took my hand in hers and placed it on her bicep and said, "There you go, it won't hurt you."
My hand roamed her large muscle and I was amazed at how hard it was. I said, "Wow Miss Fran, your muscle is really big and hard."
She smiled and said, "Thank you very much, I really like having muscles like this… do you want to have muscles someday too?"
I brought my other hand up to her muscle and nodded to answer her question. I was transfixed on this solid mass of muscle that stood in front of me and I was starting to have that funny feeling in my pants again… I had no idea what it was either and I was starting to squirm.
Miss Fran lowered her arm and said in a sad voice, "Well, you should get outside and play with your friends, I'm sure they're looking for you."
I replied, "I like hanging out with you though, you're so nice to me."
She smiled at me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, "That's so sweet of you to say, but you're a little boy and I'm an old woman… you should be outside playing with kids your own age. Go ahead now."
She patted me on the head as I walked out the door and smiled at me. I was not happy to be leaving at all. Ever since I saw her muscle, I wanted to be around all the time. I don't know why, but I couldn't get her muscles out of my head… I think that I was developing a crush on her in spite of the fact that she was as old as my grandmother!
Over the next few weeks, Miss Fran was nowhere to be seen and I was very sad about this. I asked my mom where she was and she told me that she had to go away for a while and wasn't sure when she was going to be back.
As it turned out, she didn't come back for a VERY long time. In fact, I didn't see her again until I was out of college. The whole time as I was growing up, I thought about her from time to time, but as time passed, my thoughts of her faded. The one thing that struck me as funny was that her house was never sold and it was somehow always kept in good condition. Whenever I asked my parents where she was, they gave me some bogus excuse about her whereabouts and after a while, I just stopped asking.
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Re: Old Story from Mak's Story site
Reply #1 - Jul 28th, 2017 at 7:45pm
Part 2

It all came back to me when I moved back into town after I graduated from college and went to see my parents and Miss Fran was sitting on her porch. I went over to see her and she recognized me right away and gave me a great big hug.
I said, "Miss Fran, where have you been all of these years… I haven't seen you since I was 10."
She smiled and said, "I had to go take care of my sister, she fell ill suddenly and I had to leave right away. Sadly, she passed away about a month ago. I'm so pleased to see that you've grown up to be such a handsome man Mitch." She then pinched me on the cheek like she used to do from time to time when I was little.
I looked at her and said, "Its great to see you again and I'm terribly sorry about your sister. I never knew what happened to you. My parents never said anything to me."
She smiled and said, "That's because I asked them not to let anyone around here know. Back then I liked to keep my family matters to myself. Especially family matters like that, I hope you understand."
I smiled at her and said, "I understand Miss Fran. In a situation like that, sometimes it is best to keep things to yourself and not get a whole bunch of people trying to force their help on you."
She smiled at me with an impressed look on her face and said, "Not only have your grown up to be handsome, but smart as well. I remember the last time I saw you, you were such a quiet little boy, but look at you now. I'm sure you've got women knocking your door down."
I was just a little embarrassed by her praise and said, "Thanks Miss Fran. You know what I remember about the same time I saw you, I remember that you had pulled out that stump in our back yard that my father couldn't move… I was so surprised that you had muscles."
She let out a sweet laugh and said, "Oh, you mean these muscles… I've still got them and they're just as strong too." She rolled up her sleeves and flexed her biceps for me. They were even bigger than I remember them being!
I reached over and put my hand on her grapefruit-sized bicep and said, "These muscles are HUGE Miss Fran… how on earth can a woman your age have muscles like this? How are you anyway?"
She kept her arms flexed and said, "What do you mean 'a woman my age'?… I have been lifting heavy things my whole life. Over the past several years while I was taking care of my sister, I was back on the old farm again and doing all that hard work myself. There was no one there to help me, so I did everything. And you should know to never ask a woman her age dear, but since you're such a handsome young man, I'll tell you anyway… I'm 66 years old."
The smile vanished from my face and I said, "I'm sorry Miss Fran, I didn't mean to offend you by what I said, but you do have to admit that you have really big muscles for a woman, especially a woman that is 66!"
She smiled at me again and said, "Yes I know, and I really like having them too. You never know when you're going to have to lift something really heavy or need strength for something. I like having big muscles too… it makes me unique. How old are you now Mitch?" My hands were still on her flexed muscles and I was starting to feel a little awkward about feeling them for so long… this was the older lady from next door afterall.
I finally took my hands off of her flexed muscles and said, "I'm 24 years old now and I just got home from college."
She smiled slyly at me and said, "I guess you're old enough to be my boyfriend now, huh? She winked at me and flexed her bicep again and continued, "I remember when you were little how impressed you were with my muscles, it seems that hasn't changed at all… you do like my muscles, don't you?"
I suddenly had a flashback to my childhood to that first day I saw her big muscles and I gulped deeply. Then I thought I am a grown man now, not a little boy with a crush on the lady next door. I said without looking at her, "Yes I do like your muscles. Ever since that one day when I found out that you had muscles, I've never been able to look at women the same again."
She smiled widely and said, "Oh my, I had no idea that I changed your life by having muscles Mitch… I guess that all of your girlfriends have muscles, huh?" She looked down when she asked about my girlfriends.
I was now a little more calm about talking to her about this and I said, "Well, I don't exactly have a girlfriend right now, but every girl I ever dated, I always found a way to see what her muscles were like. None of them came anywhere close to you Miss Fran. I want to tell you something and I hope that you're not surprised by this. When I was little and found out that you had muscles, I had the biggest crush on you."
She gasped for breath upon hearing that and said, "Oh my goodness! You're telling me that you had a crush on an old lady like me?"
I then looked into her eyes more seriously and said, "Yes, I had a really big crush on you. I remember that last day I saw you and how I couldn't take my eyes off of your muscles."
She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and said, "That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me about my muscles. I can't believe that my muscles were that attractive to you. Then again, I remember my late husband really liked them too. He used to love the way that I would carry him in my arms and kiss him… and how I would flex my muscles for him and let him massage them. I really miss the way that made me feel… it made me feel so strong and desirable." She paused for a second and glanced at me to see that I was hanging on her every word and continued, "I'm sorry Mitch, I'm sure that you don't want to hear about me in that way… I'll stop now."
I reached over and grabbed her upper arm and said, "I never said that I lost that crush on you Miss Fran. For years I have been thinking about your muscles and always hoped that I'd see you again."
She flexed her bicep again and said, "You're making my heart race here. I don't know what to say."
I squeezed her flexed bicep which felt like a ball of steel in my hand and I said, "Why don't you and I go out to dinner tonight so we can catch up." I then leaned in toward her and kissed her softly on the lips. As soon as my lips touched her the thought shot through my head 'what am I doing, she's not going to want to kiss me… I'm just a kid in her eyes!' But to my surprise, her lips warmed at the first contact and she pulled me closer to her and our kiss became deeper and deeper.
As we sat there kissing passionately, she started flexing her biceps and my hands were immediately drawn to them without even looking. Through the kisses, she said, "Oh Mitch, you're the first man to make me feel like this since my husband passed away. Tell me how much you like my muscles."
I continued kissing her passionately and spoke with my lips pressed to hers, "Oh Fran, your muscles are so big and hard, I've dreamt of this moment for years… kissing you and feeling your muscles."
She hugged me and whispered in my ear, "Lets go inside dear so we can have a little privacy."
As we stood up, I did my best to keep my erection covered, but she noticed it and smiled at me and gave me a wink. She said softly, "Lets go inside."
I followed her into the house that I hadn't stepped foot into since I was 10 years old and for some reason I was expecting her to have cookies and candy waiting for me.
As she closed the door behind me she said, "I'm sorry dear, but I don't have any cookies or milk for you this time, but I do have these for you though." She raised both of her arms up in a powerful double bicep pose that almost made my dick hard enough to rip through my pants.
I put my hands on her biceps and pushed her back against the door and started kissing her madly again. She lowered her arms and placed her hands on my ass and started lifting me into the air. She moaned softly and said, "Wow, you've got a great butt!" Then she dove back into kissing me again.
I couldn't control myself in her presence. Who cared whether she was 66 and I was 24? This woman was making me so hard I was afraid that I'd cum so hard that it would hurt her.
We stopped kissing and she sat me back down on the floor and said, "I think that you're going to like this." She bent down a little and scooped me up into her arms and started kissing me again. This was possibly the most exciting kiss that I had ever experienced. Here I was being held in the muscular arms of a woman that was almost three times my age and I loved it. I didn't care that she was that much older than me and didn't care that she actually did look her age in the face. I was in total lust over her huge muscles and I didn't want this to stop.
Our kissing tapered to a stop as she held me in her arms and she said, "It feels so good to have a man in these strong arms again, it makes my muscles feel soooo strong!"
I kissed her again and said, "Your muscles are so big and strong…" Then I glanced down at my dick and continued, "… just look what you're doing to me here."
She smiled longingly while looking at the bulge in my pants and said, "I think that we're going to have to let him out for a little fresh air and see what I can do to take that swelling down."
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Re: Old Story from Mak's Story site
Reply #2 - Jul 28th, 2017 at 7:46pm
Part 3

She sat me down again and started taking my pants off. Within a matter of seconds, my full erection was out and she was staring at it passionately. Without notice, she lifted me into the air and the next thing I knew my legs were over her shoulders and her lips were around my dick. I leaned forward to keep from falling but she flexed her huge biceps and they held me in my place. Her muscles felt so mountainous as they pressed against the outside of my legs and all of a sudden, she started flexing them even harder causing them to grew ever more.
Her huge masses of muscles were lifting me as she squeezed her biceps tight while her lips and tongue were tasting my dick… I didn't know how much longer I was going to be able to hold out before I came in her mouth.
She pulled her mouth off of my dick and said, "Put your hands on my muscles, I won't let you fall. I want you to feel them and tell me how much you like them while I suck you."
She wrapped her lips around me again and I put my hands on her biceps as she requested. I started to feel the pressure building in my groin and I was going to blow at any moment. "Oh Fran, you've got the most sexy and powerful muscles I've ever touched in my life… they are so big and strong… and sooooo sexy… flex them hard for me and show me how big they are!"
She started sucking on me even harder and started squeezing her biceps even harder than before (which I didn't think was possible). Her muscles turned from rocks to mounds to steel with every powerful flex. My hands were on her mountainous bicep peaks and I had never felt anything so hard in my life. Her muscle were harder than steel… and feeling them rise and fall was pushing me closer to cumming with every flex. She kept her lips and tongue going on my dick while flexing her spectacular muscles for me to feel and it was finally more than I could contain anymore… I shot what was quite possibly the most incredible feeling load in her mouth for what seemed like minutes… and she drank up every drop.
She moaned in the heat of the moment as she swallowed deeply before saying, "That was the most incredible experience I've ever had in my life. How are we going to ever top that… I'm so hot for you Mitch."
She kept me up on her shoulders as I sat there exhausted from the load I had just blown while my hands were still massaging her flexed muscles. I said, "I've never cum so hard in my life. I feel like I could have sex with you all day long."
She easily lifted me from my perch upon her shoulders and sat me on the floor in front of her. She smiled sweetly at me and said, "I know that I could have sex with you all day, assuming you can keep up with an old woman like me." She then winked at me and flexed a double bicep and said, "I think that there might be enough power in these big muscles to keep both of us going for hours though. It is my turn to go next though, leave everything to me and my muscles and just hang on for the ride…"

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