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The Stein – True Story (Read 1565 times)
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The Stein – True Story
Aug 21st, 2017 at 6:32pm
The Stein – True Story

This is a 100% true story (aside from names). Can’t stop thinking about it.

So I went out with a small group of friends to celebrate Kimberly’s 40th birthday. My wife was out of town for work, so it was me and three couples, but we’d known each other a long time.

We went to Carlsen’s, an outdoor place that I’d describe as a hipster Biergarten, which was celebrating its 5th anniversary with a bunch of events. One was a contest to see who could get furthest through a two-pound beef tongue in five minutes. Another was a test of strength and endurance, where each contested would hold a filled glass stein of beer at arm’s length and whoever dropped out last would win a year’s supply of draft beer. A bunch of dudes lined up for the beer stein challenge, along with one woman. The announcer called out that they needed at least one more woman, and, I was shocked to see Kimberly raise her hand, along with another woman. John stood up as well and said loudly, “If my wife’s going to do it, I will too!” and got a laugh from the crowd.

Kimberly’s generally pretty reserved, and on top of that, she’s very thin. She works out daily, but as far as I knew, it was all Pilates, yoga, spin, barre, things like that. She has long, ropy muscles on her long arms and legs, and she’s six-feet tall, but maybe 140 pounds. (Think: A slightly heavier version of Daniela Hantuchova, the tennis player.)

Anyway, they wrote down their names, the server brought out three more filled steins and started. Kimberly – left handed - extended her arm and, to my surprise, she looked good from the start. I thought there was a chance she wouldn’t be able to hold the stein out at all. One woman dropped out after a few seconds, leaving two women, and the announcer called out, “Kimberly and Meredith, looking strong.” I didn’t know Meredith, but she was a lot shorter and fairly stocky, so I thought she’d stick it out awhile, but her arm started to shake in 30 seconds while Kimberly looked solid. Kimberly was concentrating, so her eyes were closed, and her shoulder was just ripped with definition, and her traps were pressing hard against her tank top.

Then one of the guys dropped out. He was at least 6’4” and maybe 130 pounds and had clearly entered as a joke. He flexed his tiny biceps for the crowd and got some laughs. Kimberly was breathing deeply through her nose, and still looked steady as two more guys dropped out over the next minute. They were all pretty average looking, but I was still impressed.

John, who’s right-handed, was staring directly at Kimberly. He clearly could not believe she was still holding up her stein. John doesn’t lift weights, but he’s a triathlete who has done several Ironmans, so he is fit and lean, about the same height as Kimberly but bigger, of course.

“Meredith is out! Kimberly is the last woman standing!” shouted the announcer. Everyone cheered and Kimberly let out a very careful, restrained “Woo!”, careful not to lose her concentration. She opened her eyes and glanced around and suddenly, all at once, John’s arm gave out.

“Guess we know who’s in charge in that family!” said the announcer. “We’re down to the final five!” John returned, red-faced. “Let’s hear it for Kimberly! Showing up all you losers.”

I was so turned on, I started to yell “Kim-ber-lee. Kim-ber-lee.” She looked at me and smiled as the chant started. She pumped her right fist in the air, just enough to get another cheer. Soon, just about everyone was chanting except for John. The four guys left included two young guys who probably played college football at some point, one short, squat guy and one veiny guy, who was struggling. Kimberly was shaking, too, but then yelled to the announcer, “He’s cheating! You can’t lean like that!”

The announcer shamed him in the microphone: “Nathan, no leaning back.” The crowd laughed, and he straightened his back, lost his leverage and yelled, “Shit” as he dropped out.

Kimberly really started to shake, and a few seconds later, she was out. She smiled and bowed to the crowd and came back to our group. “Kimberly – that was incredible!” I said and hugged her, and I was shocked at how hard her back felt. I was way more forward than I should have been, stepping behind her to rub her shoulders in an exaggerated way, like she was a boxer.

“I’m going to be so sore tomorrow,” she said. She wasn’t flexing, but her left shoulder was still hard to the touch. “Ooh, that feels good,” she said. She didn’t necessarily know about my fetish, so I rubbed her biceps and shoulder, just for a second, then stopped.

John was still aghast that his wife had beat him. He looked ashen. She put her hand on his shoulder and said, “It’s OK, baby. I’ve been working out a lot.”

“Congrats, sweetie,” he said, but he still looked a little glum.

The competition continued. “Who do you think’s going to win?” Kimberly asked.

“I think it’ll be that short guy,” I said. “Just physics – his arms are shorter, but he’s still clearly got a lot of muscle.”

“Huh. My arms aren’t short. Wonder how I held out so long?”

I really wanted to keep talking her up, but John was right there, and I didn’t want to flirt too much, especially since John was feeling raw. Instead we cheered on the last three, who were all crazy strong. The short guy won it minutes later.

We returned to our drinks and the conversation went back to normal, though I kept glancing at Kimberly. Occasionally she’d stretch her left arm, and I watched the muscles dance.

John was talking with another member of our group, and I finally returned to the contest. “Kimberly, I would have never guessed you were that strong.”

“Me neither! I’m excited I did so well. Do you think John is OK? I’m worried about him.”

“He’ll get over it.” I squeezed her arm lightly, once. “Seriously, though, what have you been doing? Pushing cars up hills?”

“Ha! Remember when I went into the hospital last year for anemia? My doctor made me start eating a ton of protein, even at home, and I really felt a lot stronger, so I added weights to my routine and got a trainer.”

“It’s clearly working.”

“I wonder if you would’ve beat me. I think you’re stronger than John.”

“Not sure. Let me see the guns.”

She laughed again. “I don’t think I can flex my left arm at the moment.” She flexed her right biceps for me; it really popped, though it wasn’t all that large. I tried to squeeze it a little, but it was very, very firm.

“That is truly impressive,” I said.

“OK, now you.” I flexed my right arm for her. She squeezed it a little, then felt her own biceps. “Yours is bigger. It’s hard, too.” She felt my arm again. “Mine’s harder."

I must have had an odd look on my face because she paused a moment and said, "Anyway, I hope John isn’t too mad.”

"He'll be fine," I said.

(From there the conversation turned to other topics, so, sadly, that’s the end of the story.)
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I Love YaBB 2.4!

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Re: The Stein – True Story
Reply #1 - Aug 22nd, 2017 at 10:01pm
Nice thanks !
How heavy was it ? and for how long she did ?
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