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Message started by hvpenguins on Sep 30th, 2018 at 5:16pm

Title: Site feedback
Post by hvpenguins on Sep 30th, 2018 at 5:16pm
I've been subscribing to Her Biceps for a few months now and I'm glad to say that I've got my money's worth. However, I've decided to cancel, and the cancellation page asked for feedback. Rather than compose my thoughts in the text box there, I'm posting here.

I know that what follows is only my opinion. By nature, it will be critical, so please remember that HerBiceps.com requested it. From least to most significant, these are the reasons why I've decided not to continue my subscription:

1. Across the Videos and Photos sections, I've found broken links, errors in the spelling of models' names, missing images, and images with stripes of corrupted pixels. Clicking on the thumbnails in some galleries, or inadvertently clicking in the gray space after the thumbnails in any gallery, took me to a page which admonished me to update to Netscape 3 (I'm using Chrome 69 and Firefox 62). The website is the part of HerBiceps which I interact with. As a product and a user experience, it's disappointing.

2. I've found numerous videos of photoshoots with no corresponding entries in the Photos section. For example, I counted forty-eight videos of Brittni Kent, dating back three years, and I can hear camera shutters in the background of many of them, but there's no Brittni Kent link in the Photos page. This is true for other models as well, and it leaves me wondering why.

3. When multiple videos are posted from a shoot, I'd like at least one of them to have the recorded audio - e.g. photographers' instructions, wind, camera handling noise - entirely replaced with music. I've found a number of videos like this already; I simply would prefer at least one such video for every shoot.

4. After discovering such exceptional women as Siene Allen, Kristen Schoenherr, and Dallas McCormack in your Videos page, I was dismayed when I saw that even your recent photos are low-res. The videos are in gorgeous 1920 x 1080 now; why aren't the images at least as detailed?

Replies in Entropia3D's thread on photo size argued that there was a trade-off between image resolution and image quantity. If that's the case, then I would eagerly sacrifice quantity for greater detail. In many instances, the models' poses differ only slightly from photo to photo, so I don't think I'd miss out if fewer photos were posted per shoot.

For these reasons, I personally would not get more value from this site if I continued to subscribe. I would consider rejoining if a substantial portion of photos were available in a resolution of at least 2000 x 3000 pixels. In truth, though, what I really want are photos from my favorite past shoots re-uploaded in high resolution, and I think that's more work than I could reasonably ask of you.

To any who disagree, please remember that HerBiceps.com asked for my feedback, and that I know that this is only my opinion.

Title: Re: Site feedback
Post by Mike on Oct 1st, 2018 at 8:47pm
great feedback, thank you very much

some of these issues will be addressed when we switch over to the new version of the site, but the size/resolution of pictures isn't one of them...I'll give it some more thought as we head into 2019

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