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Pictures FAQ (Read 8210 times)
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Pictures FAQ
Oct 5th, 2006 at 9:03pm
Q.  How do I post a pic on these boards?

When you want to post, click on the little picture icon - - it looks like this:  .  Then put your url in between the bracketed "[ img]" and [ /img]"  You might have to experiment a little to get the pic to show up . . . some sites don't permit direct linking and will give you a red x or some other nasty picture (there was one that featured a bleeding rectum when you tried to direct link pics from its site - yuck), some require passwords and so on.  Of course you can just post the link, too.

Q. Can I load pictures from my computer onto these boards?

No.  There is no capability for that.  You can find a third party provider like imageshack to host your pictures and then link from there.

Q. When I click on a link, no picture appears, I get a red "X" or I get an error message. 
A. This is due to sites preventing people linking to pictures outside of their website. To get around this, right-click on the link and select "save target as". The file will be saved to your hard drive. 
Alternatively, click on the link as normal and then click on the small icon next to the address. Hold the button down and "drag" the icon into the main body of the page. Release the button here and the picture should appear. 
Q. I've tried the above on pictures from ifriends.com, but it still doesn't work! 
A. Ifriends use a slightly more sophisticated system. To get around it, drag the icon as described above and then click on the "refresh" button.   
Q. I have some other picture-related problem. 
A. Ask a question in the appropriate thread and if it can be answered we will add the answer here.
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