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Muscular Forearm Introduction! (Read 2001 times)
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Muscular Forearm Introduction!
Apr 24th, 2016 at 8:10pm
I've always gone crazy over muscular female arms, biceps in particular. My 1st up close encounter was when I was 7 and my 2nd grade teacher had the most amazing arms and biceps. About 3 years later, I got exposed to muscular female forearms for the first time. I can't even recall whether my 2nd grade teacher had great forearms or not. I just remember her wonderful peaks!!!

My mother worked at Thrifty Drug Store. They were famous for their ice cream flavors, in fact they still are under the name of Rite Aid in many places. Back then, they had this cylinder shaped ice cream scooper. The scooper would have to shove that cylinder down into the rock hard frozen ice cream, fill the cylinder, then squeeze the handle, filling the cone. Everyone hated doing the ice cream, they traded off all day. All of them until Mary Dolan got hired. Mary didn't mind scooping and squeezing out that ice cream, all day long.

After doing this for a number of months, you can probably imagine her forearms got one helluva workout and they did. I'll never forget this as long as I live. I'm sitting at our dining room table, eating cold cereal and Mary Dolan visits my mom. She says hi to me and sits at the table with me. I glanced at her and the first thing that struck me was how little she was. Maybe 4'10" or so. just tiny. She was sleeveless and even back then my 10 year old eyes gravitated to her arms. I was shocked at how swollen the lower part of her arms were, her forearms. She was fumbling with her keys and the muscles in her forearms just rippled everywhere. I could see every sinew, like deep grooves, just rippling as she messed with her keys. I had never seen that before. When my mom left the room, I shyly asked her if I could feel her arm. She seemed puzzled, my arm? and pointed to her bicep area. No right there and I took hold of her right forearm. It was so hard, I couldn't believe how hard it was. Then Mary starts simulating all the squeezing motions from her ice cream job, awww, that's from scooping ice cream all day. She just kept squeezing her hand and all these incredible muscle fibers are dancing all along her forearm. There wasn't a micro-inch of fat on her forearm. It was swollen like she had a full blown pump, soooo hard and it was so amazing how the muscles rippled.

From that day on, I was a big Mary Dolan fan and went to Thrifty's often, just to watch her scoop ice cream. With the actual scooper in her hand, her forearm muscles really got a workout and I enjoyed every minute. I wish I could have felt her grip. It must have been amazing!!!
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