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Arm Wrestling Memories From High School (TRUE) (Read 1968 times)
Dan Nammess
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Arm Wrestling Memories From High School (TRUE)
Jul 26th, 2017 at 6:55am
In another thread I said that as a teen I took my chance to arm wrestle a lot of girls. This story will be about one girl and one instance in particular. ((I obviously don't remember all the dialogue word for word, but apart from that the story is all true)) also first story on this site woohoo and all that  Grin Grin Grin

This story took place when I was 15 years old and scrawny. At the time I would have been 5'5, skinny (maybe 100lbs) and weak. My ultimate crush was a girl -Brenda- I had been friends with since I was 7 (never really good friends though). She was probably 5'3 and clearly heavier than me (maybe 130lbs) and did gymnastics. I would stare at her in class (she often wore yoga pants, and sported some nice thighs which I could tell were strong) a lot. Brenda had pretty big arms too, and I figured they had decent muscle about them.

I was not a shy kid in high school -despite my figure- so when I saw Brenda arm wrestling one of her friends at lunch I went over to her. She was toying around with her friend (who was not very strong at all) and they were both laughing, clearly not taking it very seriously.

"Hey Brenda, want to try me?" I asked.

She looked over at me and rolled her eyes, turning slightly red. "Seriously Dan?"

"Yeah, come on! Let's do it" I placed my elbow on the table.

Brenda was clearly reluctant to arm wrestle me and was turning even redder (lots of people were watching us at this point) but she grabbed my arm.

At this point, I knew I was going to lose. She had a really firm grip and her arm was already putting weight on mine. Plus, her arm was much bigger than mine even without it being flexed.

"Ready? Go!" I said. I applied as much pressure as I could and moved her arm a few inches down. I could tell she wasn't trying though and she held my arm in place, clearly not wanting to embarrass me in front of the small crowd that had gathered to watch.

"Come on Brenda! I want you to actually try" I said

She turned bright red, clearly not enjoying being the center of attention. She listened to me though and I immediately felt a lot of force as she pulled my arm up with ease. I gazed at her arm as she pushed mine down in a matter of seconds. A big looking bicep was popping out from under her shirt. I struggled, but there was nothing I could do. She was much stronger.

"Sorry" she said after she beat me. She clearly expected me to be angry or sad.

"Wow Brenda! You're much stronger than I expected" I said (which was true, I thought she'd beat me, but not THAT easily).

Brenda lightened up "I'm on the gymnastics team so I'm always doing athletic stuff" she replied, relieved that I wasn't grossed out or embarrassed by her.

"Oh, that explains it!" I commented. I thought about asking to feel her arms, but decided against it. She was pretty awkward about arm wrestling, so I couldn't imagine her being very happy about that.

I should mention that I was incredibly turned on by this and I went on to arm wrestle Brenda several more times. We also played mercy and even wrestled full body.

Hope you enjoyed my first story! Leave feedback/comments below  Smiley
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Re: Arm Wrestling Memories From High School (TRUE)
Reply #1 - Jul 26th, 2017 at 9:44pm
Thanks for sharing Dan!  Wish I'd been able to arm-wrestle/wrestle Brenda - she sounds strong!  You did well coaxing her into putting in a bit more effort Smiley
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