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Sofia Brightens Up Dan's Day (Read 2337 times)
Dan Nammess
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Sofia Brightens Up Dan's Day
Jul 29th, 2017 at 8:05am
NOTE: THIS IS A FICTIONAL STORY. This version of Dan is shyer and sweeter than the real Dan. (Plus, all the characters are fake though realistic, also there is some bad language, and kinda suggestive semi-sexual stuff, blah, blah, blah ENJOY THE SHOW  Grin)

As Dan got off the school bus, he was weighed down by negative thoughts - he hadn't done his homework, he had a bully to deal with. "Ugh! Why do I even bother going to school?"

As soon as he walked into the building and eyed his locker he said "Duh, Sofia!"

Sofia was the most beautiful girl in the world in the mind of 16 year old Dan. Standing at a whopping 5 feet and 6 inches, and weighing in at roughly 115lbs, Dan was not exactly the most physical specimen in the world.

But Sofia -who occupied the locker next to Dan's- was. She was tall, strong, athletic, and beautiful. 5'9 and 165lbs, with thick, well muscled legs, and large strong arms, combined with tan skin, green eyes, jet-black hair with a purple streak, and stunning facial features, she was Dan's ultimate fantasy

Dan opened his locker, making sure to take as much time as possible to move his books into his bag. He tried not to stare as Sofia approached.

"Hey Dan" she said with a smile, looking straight at him.

"H-hi Sofia" Dan was nervous around her and could barely look her in the eye -she was that gorgeous!- but he didn't mind too much. He figured Sofia would think it was cute or something.

Sofia turned to Dan again. "Hey, would you mind holding my bag while I use the bathroom?"

"Sure" Dan said in a sort of high-pitched squeak. He turned bright red and Sofia giggled.

"Here" she handed Dan her backpack and turned away. Dan instantly dropped it onto the floor.

IT WAS SO HEAVY. "What the hell does she keep in there?" Dan asked himself. He decided against opening it up. He didn't want to look like a nosey parker. Dan used 2 hands and pulled with all his strength, managing to lift it an impressive foot off the ground before dropping it again.

Sofia returned to see Dan trying to lift her bag off the ground. She giggled "Sorry Dan! I put one of my weights inside there - it's a little heavy" she then proceeded to lift it off the ground with ease, one-handed, leaving Dan dumbfounded and humiliated. Sofia gave him a pat on the head and walked off to join her friends.

Dan turned around and headed to class - rerunning what had just happened in his head.

Fast-forward 3 boring hours of useless nonsense, and Dan was heading to the cafeteria to eat lunch. He usually sat by himself, but he didn't mind too much. It was fun to stare at Sofia, and he had space to do whatever he wanted on his phone without being judged.

As Dan walked through the hallway, he pictured Sofia's bicep as she lifted up her bag. This gave Dan an immediate erection and he hoped no one noticed.

"What's up, Dickface? Thinking about your grandma again?" Someone noticed. Reggie, the 6'0 football player. "What the hell does he want from me?" Dan asked himself.

Reggie had been picking on Dan for 2 weeks now. Insulting him, shoving him, punching him. There was nothing Dan could do. Reggie was bigger, stronger, and far more popular than Dan. He didn't want to tell a teacher or his parents - he wasn't a "little bitch", as Reggie put it -  so Dan just tolerated it.

Dan tried to walk past Reggie and head to the cafeteria, but Reggie pushed him back. Dan fell to the ground and scrambled to his feet, dusting himself off. He looked around him. None of the kids seemed to be paying attention - save Reggie and his 2 cronies Victor and Jorge, who just seemed to stand around and laugh at Reggie's stupid insults.

Dan couldn't run in the opposite direction, he would be cornered. He had to get past Reggie. He was hungry. He wanted some alone time. He was getting frustrated.

Dan charged at Reggie. "Let me pass!" He ordered angrily. Reggie laughed and pushed Dan, hard. Dan slammed against the wall and hit the floor, dazed. Reggie proceeded to pick Dan up by his shirt and punch him. All the kids seemed to be in the cafeteria at this point, and as Dan stared into Reggie's face (and shortly afterwards, fist) all he could think about was what life would be like without bullies.

"HEY! LEAVE HIM ALONE!" In his confused state, Dan turned and saw Sofia, accompanied by one friend (Lia, 5'11, slim, blonde hair). She was looking angrily at Reggie.

"Yesss" Dan said to himself as Reggie dropped him.

"Go away bitch" Reggie said. "We were just uh, wrestling. I wasn't actually hurting him"

"Pussy" Dan muttered under his breath

"WHAT WAS THAT, PUNK?" Reggie raised another fist, but before he could hit Dan, Sofia tackled Reggie to the ground.

Dan watched in sheer glee as Sofia pinned Reggie to the ground, holding him in place. He watched Reggie struggle but there was nothing he could do. Lia pushed Jorge, trying to chase him and Victor away from the scene.

"Dan!" Sofia called.

Dan tried his best to hide his erection as he made his way toward Sofia, still sitting firmly on top of a squirming Reggie. "Yes?" he asked.

"Hit him."

"W-what?" Dan asked, confused by the request.

"I would do it myself, but I can't let go of his arms. Go on! He deserves it!" She smiled at Dan and he felt his brain melt.

Dan began to bestow feeble punch after feeble punch onto Reggie's face, it was enough to leave a bruise though.

"That's enough, Dan" Sofia said after punch 23. She turned to Reggie. "If I ever catch you picking on Dan again, I'll do worse things to you. Understand me?"

Reggie looked up, tears in his eyes, and nodded.

"Good boy" Sofia said as she released him. Sofia then turned to Dan.

"Dan, you should've told me Reggie was picking on you! I wondered why your face was all bruised." She looked at him sympathetically with a slight tone of anger. She clearly wanted to protect Dan.

"Sorry. I-I just didn't want to tell anyone. I figured that would just make it worse. But you handled him really well! Where did you learn to fight like that?!" Dan was gaining confidence, or maybe it was his dizzied state of mind that was letting him talk to Sofia so easily.

"I have 4 older brothers" Sofia said. "I'm also taking Jiu Jitsu classes. Plus, I've dealt with bullies before."

Dan realized that he was following Sofia over to her table and quickly changed direction.

"Dan, come sit with me!" She smiled warmly, and Dan couldn't resist that smile.

"Uhh, okay" Dan took a seat next to Sofia. He was squished up next to her. She smelled amazing and felt even better. He tried sooo hard not to get an erection in full view of Sofia herself. "God, what a nightmare that would be" he said out loud.

"What?" asked Sofia

"Nothing" Dan was introduced to Sofia's friends: Lia, Freya, Jen, Thomas, and Brenda. He had a fun time with them and was beginning to see why people sat together at lunch.

Next was P.E. Dan's favorite class. Why?

You guessed it. Sofia's in that class. TBC

(PART 2 COMING SOON. Hope you enjoyed this story! Again, leave comments and feedback below. I'm trying to improve on my storytelling ability)

*Also, feel free to leave requests for a story you'd like to see. Always looking for new material*

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Jon stunner
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Re: Sofia Brightens Up Dan's Day
Reply #1 - Jul 29th, 2017 at 10:33am
Good story can't wait for part 2, also it's nice that more people are posting to story boards thread for the longest time it was basically dead because no one but me posted there so it's nice that story boards gets used more. Smiley
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Re: Sofia Brightens Up Dan's Day
Reply #2 - Jul 30th, 2017 at 7:34pm
Awesome story. Always loved it when a a strong girl protects someone from male bullies and puts the bullies in their place.
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