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Recent female muscle experience (Read 2243 times)
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Recent female muscle experience
Aug 16th, 2017 at 2:04am
I have been a member of this site for quite some time, but have never had anything to share (other than the muscle women spot for time to time)…until now.
I have a friend that has a very fit and athletic wife. Over the past year or so she has got more and more into building muscle and getting strong. I have always been attracted to her because of her build. Being a member of this site, I am sure you can imagine what I find attractive.
Over the past year she has stacked on muscle. I have made a few comments here and there about her muscle but it seems she and her husband don’t want to bring much attention to it, so I have left it.
The other day however Dan and I were out fishing. We had quite a bit to drink and when we got home we decided to continue drinking. From my couch I looked outside and could see Nelly (his wife) sitting with her legs crossed on a low stall talking to my wife. I could see slabs or muscle on her legs and the slightest movement would cause them to dance. I started to get turned on. I said to Dan in an off the cuff manner “Nelly has really put on some muscle on her legs hasn’t she?” At this point I thought he would say yes and close the conversation down, but this time because we were drunk he opened up.
He said “yeah, that’s not the only place, you should see her arms and shoulders”. He said it like I haven’t noticed the 15 inch bicep that pops out when she fixes her hair, but I played dumb. “Is she getting stronger” I asked. “You have no idea, she can out squat me, out deadlift me and I found out a few months ago that now she can out curl me. Actually she out lifts me at everything”. “Wow, that impressive” I said.
As I looked at his wife through the window, I thought how similar she looks to Michelle Breshnahan. Dan then went on a fair bit more. He told me how her strength has changed their sex life. He said now when she gets really turned on during sex, she flips him on to his back, hold his hands down and rides him. I said “wow that’s awesome”. He looked at me strange and said “how is getting manhandled by your wife awesome?”
He then told me that he tries to resist, but there is no use. She sometimes continues after he has blown too which can hurt.
I didn’t know what to say, so I just told him to try to enjoy it while it was happening and that it’s probably was another man’s dream.
He stopped the conversation there and we have never spoken about it again, but now I can’t look at his wife without getting hard.
Even though this is a friend of mines story and not mine, I hope this inspires others to write their stories.

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