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Arm wrestling for beers (Read 1892 times)
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Arm wrestling for beers
May 12th, 2018 at 10:10pm
A friend and I were sitting in a bar after work last summer talking and drinking some beers. At the table beside a young guy and a young girl played backgammon. The girl won and the guy had to buy the next beer, but she said "double up" and put her right arm at the table. Me and my friend looked surprised, that the girl want to arm wrestle. But the guy silent went to buy beers.
Maybe we looked too much, and she looked back and said "want to try" and came to our table. And again she said "want to try" and quickly flexed. She had real nice biceps when flexing easy to see while she wore t-shirt, not big but looked hard. She smiled and said "afraid loosing"? My friend said "no" and invited her to sit. The young guy came back with two beers, she looked at him and said "just try to win one more" and put her left arm at the table. My friend was a bit surprised but got ready to arm wrestle. She was real strong and won in few seconds told that she was lefthanded and asked if he wanted to try with the right arm. A lot of people now looking and there was no way of return. They both gave all and my friend won after long time so he was not all to embaresed.
I went for some more beers also for the young girl and guy. She told she was a kayaking. I didnt asked her for an arm wrestle. If we were alone I would have liked it but not in public. I would surely loose with left.
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