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Muscles in Memphis (Read 2151 times)
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Muscles in Memphis
Aug 8th, 2018 at 10:09pm
This story goes back a ways, but I thought it was still worth telling.

I used to work for a company that had a steel processing plant in Memphis. (They're no longer in business there, today.) A co-worker and I had to make trips down there every so often to help keep their systems running properly.

On one trip, I noticed an attractive, tall black gal walking around the shop floor in a lab coat. I was told she was a new hire, doing something with the quality control part of the process.

I didn't think much else about it until I was in one of their trailers in the plant, working on a computer system. All of a sudden, she walked in with her lunch, on her break. She took off her lab coat, hanging it on the back of a chair, revealing a skin-tight t-shirt she was wearing underneath, tucked into a pair of jean shorts. She had a firm pair of breasts jutting out that I'd say were about a DD, and her legs were long and muscular, with big calves bulging out and meaty thighs that completely filled the leg holes of the shorts. But her biceps were what really got my attention. As soon as she flexed her arms, they popped up like baseballs.

I had NO clue she had all THAT going on, under the lab coat!

But the best part was what happened next. She casually walked over to the door leading into the trailer, grabbed onto the top of the metal door frame, and started cranking out pull-ups. And given her height and curvy, muscular build, I'd say she weighed close to 200lbs. if not a little bit more. The door frame was sagging a bit, making a satisfying groan with each chin-up, in time with her bulging muscles.

I couldn't help but stare as she did about 10 pull-ups, and then sat down to eat her lunch, like it was no big deal.

Later on, one of the guys mentioned that she was as strong as any of them, and would regularly pick up metal baskets containing loads of steel and carry them across the shop. Depending on what was in them, those could weigh 175lbs. or more.
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