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amazon goes back in time (Read 938 times)
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amazon goes back in time
Dec 2nd, 2018 at 4:59pm
Its 1850 and the UK rules the world.....american is young and forming....the white old man rues the world

He is at heart arrogant and complacent. Many of these men are small and skinny and weak after decades of fighting, no NHS, TB down the mines and slate quarries poor healthcare. working class men die by 45 on average.

They have lots of children and they drink hard and dictate where the money is spent. many men think they have the right to cheat on their wives because the men work so hard and fight wars etc

Many of them hold sexist narrow minded views and take their wives for granted. These men dont change nappies and they do nothing around the house, they never cook, nor clean they simply earn money and drink hard. The worst of these men consider women weak and inferior.

One day as one of these housewives after a day of endless housework and raising 8 children makes a wish. The wish is her lazy bully of a husband will get his comeuppance

That night he is visited by a ghost. a dark angel. she hovers over his bed and takes him on a journey showing him what a lazy vile bully he is....she shows him footage of his wife crying and all the women he has hurt and used

the next time he is visited by an amazon from the future.

this lazy man is a weak old fool....hes 40 years old , stands at 5 foot 5, weighs a pathetic 9 stones and has 11 inch biceps....his legs are like toothpicks yet he thinks he is a powerful man

the amazon hammers the door, he answers and looks up and up and up

she is a dark haired gorgeous woman mid 20's ....blue eyes long hair.....stands 6 foot 2....weighs 220 pounds of solid muscle....her breasts are a massive 46dd

she walks into his bedroom , slaps his face and rips his clothes off ..she picks him up and throws him across the room....she opens his wallet and takes all his money....he calls her a bitch...she punches his stomach and he collapses
she stands above him and urinates his his face
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