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fishing boat girl (plus a pic) (Read 2378 times)
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fishing boat girl (plus a pic)
Dec 21st, 2018 at 8:40pm
I sell padlocks on eBay. These boxes can be very heavy. A friend had stopped by and we were having a couple shots of whiskey in the shop. Patti came out of the house then dropped a bag of garbage into the bin then since her next stop was our basement (my office is there), she came into the shop and grabbed a 50 lb box of padlocks. She knew a shipment had arrived earlier in the day. My buddy Ray said "WOW!!". He was shocked that she carried out the locks and was using one arm to pack the locks down. I've got a little something for the readers today. It's a couple of pictures. The first picture is of my "fishing boat girl" at 17 yrs of age. She cleaned and stacked 65 lb salmon 12 hrs a day. Most men would wither under the pressure. These fish were also considered "high end restaurant use" and needed to be ultra clean. In this boat pic at 17 years old she is as strong as any man. The second picture is a pic of the family. I took the photo. I knew this may be the last time the family would be together, and it was. Brother Gary is top left, 6'2" probably 200lbs and his daughter. He dumped his wife for cheating and he never missed a support payment. In the middle is the mother and sister. The brother and sister were born about 13 & 14 years earlier than Patti. She was actually an accident, the parents had not planned on a 3rd child. To the right is the father and Patti. Look at the size of this girl at 18 yrs old. She is big, hard and powerful. She dwarfs her much older sister. Look at her arms compared to the sister. She once said "the heaviest thing my sister ever lifted was a pencil". Patti weighed just as much as her father. Only one thing can be said, AMAZON!  At the age of 16 Patti even helped her dad roof the house. Check out the photos here.


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