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7th grade strong girl (Read 1982 times)
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7th grade strong girl
Jan 12th, 2019 at 5:33pm
There was actually 2 girls in the class that were bigger and stronger than the whole class. One day the 2 girls got into a little bit of a tiff and neither one would back down. Both of the girls were not used to backing down from anybody and there probably was some animosity between the two. The teacher had to break it up. I had already walked home with one of the girls several times. She was taller and stronger and more muscular than me by a long shot. And she would tell me how and why she was strong. Her father was a brick layer and she said she could lay 1000 bricks a day. I came inside her house one day because I was on a mission. I wanted to see those muscles. We sat on the side of her bed and talked and I had to awkwardly bring up her nice muscles. She looked shocked and embarrassed. I felt like I may have blown it, but I had to try. She sheepishly gave me a partial flex for just a second then that was it. I never even got to feel it. I was bummed out something awful and was left with just an imagination. I even tried to date her a few years later but during the date she said she had a boyfriend. I sure would have loved to feel the muscle on this strong young girl.
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