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Is this normal for a women? (Read 742 times)
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Is this normal for a women?
Feb 11th, 2019 at 10:00pm
So my mom and sister have both been going to the gym for 7 years now, and theyíve become pretty muscular. My mom is now 40 years old and my sister 22. But last Saturday the said that they wanted to show a trick to me and my father. So me and my father sat down on the couch and my mom and sister took off their shirt and were standing there in their braís. And I found it a little strange and I looked at my dad. But then they said look what we can do, and out of nowhere the were flexing their muscular tits up and down. I didnít know a women could do this, is this normal for a women? And wasnít this a bit strange that they did this? But I did enjoy it a little bit because Iíve always been into muscular women, but never saw one in real life, so why canít they be your family which I see everyday?
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