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You know what gets me about President... (Read 156 times)
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You know what gets me about President...
Feb 12th, 2019 at 1:22am
You know what gets me about President Shitstain? Not the grift which was expected. Not the laziness which was also unsurprising. Not even the asshole behavior which anyone with a brain could see.

It's the bullshit. It's the lying.

Because ultimately, I think, that's what's really going to hurt the country most in the long term. Tax laws can be rewritten. Treaties and foreign alliances can be mended and reforged. And the arc of society will bend through its twists and turns towards more freedom and more justice. BUT all of that requires truth and requires honesty and the war this administration has waged on honesty in order to get away with justifying their behavior is unprecedented. Even in politics, where everyone lies, this is a new low for a democracy. Trump and his cronies lie on a level more akin to a dictatorship and that kind of virus will be difficult to get rid of even after he's gone.

Trump is the kind of asshole who throws a punch but turns to everyone to proclaim their innocence. -- https://disqus.com/by/Fredo/
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