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wrestling a strong girl isn't easy (Read 880 times)
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wrestling a strong girl isn't easy
May 3rd, 2019 at 5:44pm
I'm sitting on the side of the bed watching TV. My strong girl walks up and pushes me over and lands on top of me. She wants me to try and pin her down. She's holding her elbows tight against her ribs, she knows if I can get my hands in her arm pits I'll lift her up then roll and hold her down. First time she had me. Then she pretends to walk away and comes after me a second time but I pulled her down then pinned her. I had her by the forearms, they were big and hard. I let her up. She stood up and tries a 3rd time and caught me by surprise and and held me down again. Then my mother next door called and wanted me to come over for a minute. I explained to my mother I'm sweating because Patti's been wrestling with me again and has pinned me down 2 out of 3 times. My 84 year old mother says to me she's really strong also. To tell you the truth, my mother is skin and bones, Lol. Then she said something odd, she told me if I need help wrestling Patti to give her a call. Sounds like she wants to help or something, but I don't know for sure. Maybe she just wants to feel her muscles. I flexed my 14-1/2" little rock hard bicep for my mother and let her give it a squeeze. She made a comment something like very nice. A little while later I asked my wife if she would trade flexes with me, then I flexed my rock hard little guy. Patti flexed for me and let me squeeze it. Here's a link to what my girl looks like, but not as huge. Her biceps have the same shape, just not as big,,

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